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Taming the Sun

Solar energy is the world’s cheapest and fastest-growing power source, but its rise is in danger of stalling. Energy expert Varun Sivaram argues that realizing solar's potential will require innovation—creative financing, revolutionary technologies, and flexible energy systems. The Financial Times praised the book as “both the best available overview of where the solar industry finds itself today, and a road map for how it can reach a brighter future,” The Economist  hailed it as “prescient,” and John Kerry called it “a must-read.”

Digital Decarbonization.png
Digital Decarbonization

A digital revolution is sweeping the global energy sector. Digital Decarbonization, edited by Varun Sivaram, brings together fourteen expert authors who lay out a wide range of areas in which digital technologies are promoting clean energy systems; caution about serious risks of digitalization to cybersecurity and privacy; and articulate actionable recommendations for policymakers in the United States and abroad to ensure that digital innovations help advance the fight against climate change.

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Energizing America

Clean energy innovation is central to the fight against climate change. To rise to this challenge, the United States should launch a National Energy Innovation Mission, accelerating energy transitions abroad and building job-creating industries at home. Building on their deep academic, business, and senior government experience, Varun Sivaram and co-authors lay out a roadmap for the US federal government to triple funding for clean energy innovation to $25 billion by 2025, unlocking a virtuous cycle of public and private investment.

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